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Comprehensive Diagnosis and Interconsultation

Radiografía dental
Paciente y dentista

The comprehensive diagnosis and interconsultation is basically the same, the diagnosis is given depending on the case in question, such diagnosis is particular to each patient according to their age and general health. On that same appointment, radiographic studies are usually required, those x-rays could involve anything from periapical x-rays, panoramic x-ray, three-dimensional (3D) craniofacial tomography, as well as laboratory blood studies.

Other dental treatments

General dentistry

3rd Molar Surgery

Dental x-rays
Clear aligners

Clear Aligners

Operative Treatments

Restorative treatment

General Dentistry

Dental implants

Dental Crowns

Dental implant
Equipo dental
Dental crown
Sonrisa perfecta

Aesthetic Dental Care

Complete and partial dental protheses

Complete and Partial Protheses


Treatment Plan

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