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Dr. Raquel Argentina Gomez
Dr. Raquel Argentina Gomez



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Did you know this?

Most people rarely invest time in learning about their oral hygiene until it's too late. So please, take the time and learn about your benefits of caring about yourself and your family's oral health.

Importance of dental cleaning and oral hygiene

Food enters our body through our mouth or oral cavity. These provide us with the nutrients that allow for balanced nutrition. Therefore, being aware of adequate hygiene in our teeth helps prevent infections from entering the rest of the body because, on the contrary, As can be assumed, the mouth is the most contaminated area of ​​the human body and with the greatest presence of bacteria throughout our body (even more than in the genitals).

Dental cleaning

Tooth ache and swelling 

Tooth ache

The presence of pain without the apparent stimulus is closely related to the presence of infection caused by exogenous microorganisms (external) to the human body, often the pain is associated with severe infections that can cause inflammation, purulent secretions (pus) to the extent of causing septicemia. Septicemia: is the blood poisoning, such a condition is where the body responds incorrectly to an infection. That in the worst case scenario can lead to death.

Endodontic treatment

It is the term used in dentistry to explain a root canal. This procedure consists in the cleaning and purification of the inner part of the teeth, that is to say the roots and the pulp chamber. Teeth like the rest of the body also have nerves and blood vessels, such can call to be infected by caries that in turn cause infection. Inflammation, often, is the presence of pus, that being said the best way to prevent the extraction of the dental organ by such infection is through a root canal, which as mentioned before is the cleaning of the internal area of the dental organ by means of the elimination of the "nerve", where later a material called gutta-percha is sealed with a biocompatible cement to later move on to the restoration of the crown through a filling or crown.

Root canal

How do dentures work?

Dental Protheses

Dentures or Dental Prostheses are recommended in dentistry for the rehabilitation of chewing because of the loss of dental organs (teeth) these can be partial (to replace one or more teeth) or total (complete) to replace all teeth either jaw (bottom) or maxilla (upper teeth).

What are clear aligners?

Also called invisible aligners, they are orthodontic splints that, unlike traditional systems, are almost imperceptible, comfortable and do not require the cementing of braces or other orthopedic appliances. They serve to exert gentle pressure on the teeth and place them in the right place to obtain an aligned and aesthetic smile. They are ideal for patients with crowding or minor interdental space problems. Most aligners are made of a plastic called polymethylmethacrylate, likewise The main difference between the two is that clear aligners can be removed for short periods of time to eat, drink, brush or floss.

Clear aligners
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You can now schedule a free online appointment with us. Connect with a dental implants dentist to discuss treatment options during a private online appointment from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Convenient, safe, and easy.

Dr. Raquel Argentina Gomez
Dental procedures

My Promise to you

Dr. Raquel Argentina Gómez

We’re so sure that our clinic Argentum Dental is one of the best dental clinics in Tijuana and San Diego, by providing to you a high quality of a variety of dental services that will not only help you improve your oral health, but will help you improve and understand better the way you take care of your overall physical and mental health.

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You can now schedule a free online appointment with us. Connect with a dental implants dentist to discuss treatment options during a private online appointment from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Convenient, safe, and easy

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